Still Love Quake

After messing around with Quake 1 in DOSBOX recently, I couldn’t find a good balance that would make the game run at the proper, consistent speed. It was either too fast or juddery-slow. So I finally downloaded a decent source port for Quake that runs well on a modern machine.

I haven’t figured out how to get my preferred engine tweaks to load on startup, but for those of you who know about these things… I shut off silly transparency effects and put textures to filter GL_NEAREST. Graphics so crispy, like good bacon. LOOOOVE IT. I am in a mid-90s nerd dream with hi-res Quake played (otherwise) as close to the original setting as possible. So nice.

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And then suddenly it was 2015


Status Update
So I went indie last year. The support of friends, colleagues, and (most importantly) my awesome wife have made this possible. It’s as crazy as everyone makes it out to be, working without the proverbial net, but the upsides of downsides of being one’s own boss are the right up-and-downsides for me, I think.

Onward to recent things…
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